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Started as a Solo exhibition this is now my personal ongoing project, a collection of illustrations I’m developing to celebrate and highlight the simple things, details, traditions which characterize Malta and make my daily life here so special, from folklore and traditions to the island’s flora and fauna, from the shops and architecture to the different seasons.

The title Ciao Ghalikom which can be translated into, Hello There, is one of the most common Maltese greetings as one of the first Maltese sentences I heard and recognize the first day I arrived.

I was excited and amused to find here two familiar words, Ciao derived from Italian and Ghalikom from Arabic that can perfectly combine my origin and that’s why it seamed me the best expression to symbolize my link and view of the islands.

The project is now composed of a series of 13 artworks, declined in A3 posters, A6 postcards, and a 2020 wall calendar that can be purchased from