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Rebus – 24 art collective

This is the poster that I designed for 24/8 project, a group of talented creatives working together in aid of areas affected by the earthquake that struck central Italy on 24 August.

I chose Rebus because is the allusive device that uses pictures to represent words and complex concepts. The word itself is also a metaphor for a situation very difficult to read. This is why the chosen visual language is trying to use universal signs and symbols to represent hope towards Acumuli and Amatrice. The artwork contains the crying eye symbol for the empathy and sadness has immediately overcome us, a candle for the hope and the prayers, the hand for the help to digging and rebuilding and finally the butterfly symbol for rebirth and transformation, for someone that has gone through some difficult times and is ready to face the world again.

You can buy this in limited print, signed and numbered on 200gsm coated matte paper and all proceeds from the sales of this print will go towards a fund set up by SOS Malta for the areas affected by the earthquake.