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My name is Magda Azab and I’m a freelance illustrator mainly focused on editorial illustrations.

From the sunny island of Malta I work with a wide range of projects and in a nutshell what I always do is to develop the best possible image to tell a story or illuminate a concept.

My purpose, (but we can even call it superpower) is to make images that can at the same time get the attention, impart information, express complex ideas and respect the deadlines in my unique geometrical, funny and simple style.

In my work, I like to play with graphic elements, geometrical shapes, and textures. I often use visual metaphors because I think it’s a really effective way to hit the target and let people immediately understand a concept.
Women and in general people are one of my favourite subjects to all the time, the first thing that I loved to draw, and a huge source of inspiration too.
Colour scheme is another tremendously important aspect to me, in order to match the right tones and create interesting and harmonious contrasts.
Last but not least, my favourite part is to tailor-made all the details and insert some retro/vintage and humorous elements in every work I do.

In these years I learnt that the best works come out from Curiosity, bravery, trust, attention to details and good communication so I really take these things seriously.

In the rest of my free time, when I’m not scribbling, sketching or manipulating anchor points, I’m taking care of my beloved plants, I’m cooking or eating good food (it’s a family tradition, I’m Italian and my father is a chef, sounds like a clichè but food is part of my culture) or I’m enjoying the island life of Malta, where I decided to live with my family and my super dachshund Zaky.

Selected clients

Mondadori, Daily Telegraph, La Stampa, L’unità, Donna Moderna, Endless Vacation Magazine, Teatru Malta, Arts Council Malta, Infinity TV, Skytg24, Cellularline, Lucana Film Commission.


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Design & Paper


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